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Team Member Spotlight – Britany Gibson

Meet Britany Gibson!

Britany is the Manager of our Patient Care Navigation Team and part of the Patient Services Department.  Britany joined us the latter part of 2023 and has been on fire ever since!  Britany’s team is unique in that they are 100% remote.  Every one of them is working from home.  That is not an obstacle for this team.  They remain highly connected and engaged.

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Britany’s last employer had her in a hybrid role where she spent some time in the office and some time working from home.  Britany explains that the journey to fully remote has had quite a learning curve.  She is focused first and foremost on communication.  She admits, in the beginning, it was a little heavy on that focus – cameras on, weekly huddles and creating visual presence.  She and the team are in a groove now.

Britany will tell you there have been some lessons learned.  “Meet people where they are at.  Each person has their own way of managing remote work.  Don’t assume anything.  You have to be prepared to source solutions on any barriers.”  Britany has 20 years of in-home healthcare under her belt.

Britany will tell you she attended the school of hard knocks.  She did not go to college.  She explains she has been in the right place at the right time and that rings true when she reflects on getting into EMR when it was taking off.  Britany has been a non-clinical trainer.  She has taken her turn doing Human Resources and Payroll; and then found her way into Operations.  Intake, orders management, customer service and people management are all roles she has managed.  So to say that Britany understands the challenge of moving pieces is an understatement.

Her philosophy has been that she needs to be able to do everything that her team is doing.  This helps her better understand the problems, the challenges, and the process.  Her focus, “Learn the process and be a resource,” and her advice, “Know your craft.”  Britany explains she is a process girl through and through.  She will also tell you to stay informed, up-to-date, be able to handle adversity, and remain open to change. Whatever happens, keep moving forward.

Britany found inspiration from her dad.  He was a contractor who had his own business throughout her childhood.  He taught her that hard work and consistency matter.  He also taught her the importance of having a goal.

Celestina Kubicki says of Britany, “I have been extremely excited to have Britany on the Patient Services management team. Britany brings a great deal of experience to my leadership team and has an approach that is committed to developing her team from a strategic perspective. Britany is thoughtful and intentional in her leadership style. She has been exhaustively learning all that she can for her role, her team’s role and how it all fits into the overall scope of Vivo. Britany has taken on an extremely vital role in the organization and takes each opportunity to learn even more about how to make things better for Vivo patients and referring offices. Britany brings the type of energy and elevation to the leadership team at Vivo that encompasses the overall success we all strive for! Britany strives to dissect each interaction as an opportunity to develop herself and those around her. Britany has proven to be an exceptional part of the Vivo culture and a positive addition to the leadership team.”

Some fun facts about Britany:

  • She discovered a love for fashion early on and even had a fashion column in her school newspaper named “Chic Chat”.  She admits she may have been a bit harsh in her critiques.
  • She is a Native Floridian – 3rd generation.
  • She is a proud “Boy Mom” to her sons Kyle, 13 & Tyler, 9.
  • She has a weakness for Taco Bell and will never pass on a Cheesy Gordita Crunch.
  • She is motivated by her team.

Britany recognizes the value of her team and the opportunity of working from home.  Some discoveries she shares include use visuals and share the screen time to talk things through, address and set boundaries because these can really differ from person to person, establish clear expectations and enjoy the perks – no drive time (short commute), expansion of the talent pool when you are hiring, and savings on gas money.  One of Britany’s remote job postings drew almost 1500 applicants!  And very importantly, remote work recognizes the quality of life is important.

Thank you for being a great resource and leader for so many of our remote workers.  You and your team are making a big difference for Vivo. Thank you for sharing your discoveries and for bringing novel solutions to all of us.

Team Member Spotlight – Rusty Oesch

Meet Rusty Oesch or “The Commish” as he is often called around the Colorado Office.

Rusty is part of our Accounting Team and works from the corporate office in Lakewood, Colorado.  Rusty is the person who reaches out to you with gentle reminders if you have not yet coded your expenses in Divvy (now called, Bill).  That is just one small part of his job.  His nickname, The Commish, is one of many, but it speaks to the fact that he has been coordinating the Vivo Fantasy Football league and lends his creative energy to providing updates to the group of participants.