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Team Member Spotlight – Britany Gibson

Meet Britany Gibson! Britany is the Manager of our Patient Care Navigation Team and part of the Patient Services Department.  Britany joined us the latter part of 2023 and has been on fire ever since!  Britany’s team is unique in that they are 100% remote.  Every one of them is working from home.  That is […]

Team Member Spotlight – Rusty Oesch

Meet Rusty Oesch or “The Commish” as he is often called around the Colorado Office. Rusty is part of our Accounting Team and works from the corporate office in Lakewood, Colorado.  Rusty is the person who reaches out to you with gentle reminders if you have not yet coded your expenses in Divvy (now called, […]

Team Member Spotlight – Ed Meierkort

Meet “Coach” Ed is part of our marketing team of Infusion Specialists.  This means, like his peer group, he is blazing a trail in our markets, building relationships with existing and prospective referring offices.  Ed has a real knack for building the Vivo brand in new markets and territories where we have not yet fully […]

Team Member Spotlight – Anita Anokye

Meet Anita Anokye! Anita is a member of our New York team and is a legacy member Supply Chain Specialist.  This group recently rebranded and is now Central Supply.  Anita originally started her career path with the Cure Urgent Care team in 2018 as a Medical Assistant.  She is a graduate of Stony Brook University.  […]

Team Member Spotlight – Brooke Murdock

A passion for helping others and a knack for life sciences is at the core of this Vivo Team Member: a nurse in the making. Meet Brooke Murdock! Brooke is an experienced Medical Assistant contributor on our Ohio team. Her love for science and her passion for making a difference in healthcare help her provide […]

Team Member Spotlight – Mandy Wu

Meet Mandy Wu! Mandy is one of our Infusion Nurses who works primarily at our North Haven, Connecticut location, but she pitches in with frequency at both the Wilton and Farmington Clinics when needed. She comes to us from our CIVIC team. Mandy grew up in China in the Sichuan Province, the part of China […]

Team Member Spotlight – Stacy Franklin

Our last several spotlight features have centered around our talented Clinical Staff.  This spotlight is the first time we are featuring a Team Member who sits outside of the clinic, but whose work has a tremendous positive impact on our patients and their experience with Vivo Infusion. Meet Stacy Franklin! Stacy is a Patient Resource […]

Team Member Spotlight – Jasmine Glover

This week we are shining our spotlight on Jasmine Glover! Jasmine is a Clinical Service Specialist in New Jersey at our Cherry Hill location.  Jasmine joined our team earlier this year and since then, she has been going non-stop! To say that Jasmine wears a lot of hats would be an understatement.  When she started, […]

Team Member Spotlight – Jerry Zuniga

This guy jumps out of airplanes! It’s true.  Well, he used to when he was on active duty in the Army.  Meet Jerry Zuniga, one of our nurses who is part of our Valhalla, New York and Wilton, Connecticut infusion teams.  Jerry is our latest Team Member Spotlight! For 7 years Jerry served with the […]

Team Member Spotlight – Terranny Mclean

Meet Terranny Mclean! Terranny is a Clinical Service Specialist who joined our team earlier this year. She was recently recognized by one of our Infusion Specialists, Gene Odom, who describes her as a “shining light” for him and for the patients. Terranny has had a positive impact on both the patients in the Dallas Clinic […]